Special Presentations
I have personally found these audiobooks to be
very wholesome and enjoyable.
To get the most enjoyment out of these
presentations, you should gather your family
around and give these your undivided attention or
enjoy them while driving on a long trip.
This audiobook is a dramatization of
the Ernest T. Shackleton's journey
to the South Pole. It's a true
documentary of an incredible,
God-fearing man and their
remarkable experiences.
10hrs 21min.
The Cay
By Theodore Taylor
This audiobook is a dramatization of
a true story during World War II. A
young boy becomes blind and
learns cultural lessons.
2hrs 58min.
Radical Living - Taking Back Your
Faith From the American Dream
By David Platt
This audiobook stirred me and
changed me forever. It's read by it's
author, Rev. David Platt, Pastor of a
church near Burmingham, AL.
6hrs 19min.
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changing this website.
You Are There - Christmas
By Perfect Sound
This audiobook is a dramatization of
irth of our Lord Jesus starting with
the birth of John the Baptist
. It's
truly incredible. Gather your family
and friends, turn down the lights
and enjoy.  

Christmas Special Presentations
A Stranger For Christmas
By Carol Lynn Pierson
This audiobook is
a very enjoyable
story of families at Christmas
(A box of tissues is recommended.)
The Special Guest
This audiobook is a very enjoyable
story of
forgiveness  and healing at